Build a Yurt


After 8 years of restoration and replanting the Cherry Wood Coppice is ready for its first cropping and you could be the recipient of some of that produce on this fabulous NEW and unique course.

Next course February 24th-28th 2016


Assembly of wall lattice
Laminating Crown

Build doorway and windows
Finish crown

Roof poles
Drilling Crown for rafters, create and insert dome supports.
Wire up wall plate

Discussions about insulation, canvas and burners.

Essentially this is a skills course where you will learn  - How To - That is how to make your own yurt if you want one. Please note that you do not get to take a yurt home at the end of the course.

We will all be working together on one large yurt, using coppiced hazel for the walls and the roof poles and Larch for the crown and door/window frames. It’s an exciting time at Cherrywood as it will be the first cut of the newly restored coppice.

Our hope is that everyone will build their own yurt after the course. If you want to do this then the cherrywood coppice can provide the materials, price list available upon request.  If you would like to purchase poles and crown material we will need to know a month in advance as we need to prepare the poles and jigs.
Please get in touch if you do intend to make a yurt and discuss the size and design so we can cut and prepare the poles for you; and let you know the cost of materials.

Although we will not be making the canvas cover for the yurt we will discuss options for various budgets and we can put you in touch with some local canvas makers.

Staying at Cherry Wood

There is accommodation available upon request. There are a couple of lovely log cabins and a beautiful cob and cord house, all with burners. These are available for £20 a night, on a first come first serve basis. We will also be making available a shared sleeping option which will be a bell tent with a burner for £5. Otherwise you are welcome to camp.

Food and drinks will be provided each day for breakfast and lunch. We will be keeping up the tradition of fantastic food at Cherry Wood. Evening meals will be a group effort and there will be a big camp fire to stay warm when not busy working.

The course will be facilitated by Tim Gatfield with the hands on Training being undertaken by Charlie and Red who were the Cherry Wood apprentices in 2014. They are both talented Woodsmen and Craftsmen who excelled in their time at Cherry wood and will be most welcomed back to teach this course with their cheerful dispositions and quality skill.

We all live in yurts at Cherry Wood, all year round. They are a warm, strong and practical structure, be it for your home or a work space. It can be a portable space or a more permanent one.


The completed Frame and floor ready for insulation and canvas.Buli yurt frame

Charlie (left) and Red carefully drill the holes for the rafter to slot into the laminated crown.

drilling crown

Once built the inherent strength of the design is demonstrated by Red

Strong construction



      * Timber selection and extraction from coppice

      * Cleaving and axe work

      * Use of hand tools

      * Laminating


      * Build a Yurt frame

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