Charcoal Burning (2 days)


 Next Course September 12/13 2015


One way to make good use of small round wood thinnings from the wood or produced by the ongoing restoration of coppice in Cherry Wood is to turn it into a charcoal.

This adds value to the wood and makes it lighter and easier to handle and transport. It is either used in the wood for cooking or forging or to be sold locally.

The charcoal burning weekend is a practical production of charcoal useing a six foot ring kiln and oil drums. Students will leave with a bag of charcoal.


  • Load and unload a six foot ring kiln.
  • Lighting a six foot kiln.
  • Completing an oil drum burn over a weekend


  • Produce your own charcoal from an oil drum kiln burn.


Video 'How to make charcoal at Cherry Wood'

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