Spoons & Baskets (2 days)




Spoons & Baskets - A crafty weekend! - 12/13 August 2017

Saturday Spoon Carving - Sunday basket making - With Harry Samuel and Jeanette Gray.

This course is the perfect choice for beginners who would like to have a go at two different coppice crafts in one weekend. Day one will focus on spoon carving with Harry Samuel, and day 2 will be frame basket making with Jeanette Gray.

HarryHarry Samuel is a full time wood worker and passionate about working specifically with green wood. He trained with Barnaby Carder (Barn the Spoon), worked with The Green Wood Guild and completed a yearlong apprenticeship at Cherry Wood Project. He now operates from his workshop in Frome where he makes products to order, teaches workshops around the UK and continues to develop his craft.

Over the day at Cherry Wood, Harry will teach you the basics of carving green wood. You will start the day with a spoon blank and using only a straight knife and a hook knife you will learn the safe and efficient way of using these tools. And, before lunch you will have carved a spoon! After lunch we will focus on the whole process from log to product. You will learn the principles of cleaving wood with a froe or axe, then we will rough out a spoon blank with a carving axe and then putting into practice the skills you gained before lunch.

The techniques you will learn over this day will allow you to progress towards carving a plethora of wooden products. Working with green wood can become highly addictive and many comment on the therapeutic nature of the work.

BasketsJeanette Gray is a basketmaker living in rural West Wales with a passion for weaving. This year she will complete her 2 year training in Contemporary Basketry at City Lit College, and go on to continue developing her skills studying with local makers. Jeanette first came to The Cherrywood Project as their woodland cook in 2014, and is excited to return for a day teaching her passion!

On this course you will learn how to weave a traditional frame basket, using willow and other wild and hedgerow plants. This kind of basket is found all over Europe made from a variety of materials and is very versatile. It is the perfect basket for beginners requiring no previous experience but providing the opportunity to learn a range of basketry skills.

In the morning we will cover material selection and tool use. We will go on to prepare ribs and attach them to hoop structures to create the main skeleton of our baskets. After lunch we will weave the main body. Every frame basket is unique and you are sure to go home with a useful and beautiful hand crafted item you will love!

Skills for the spoons day:

    * Selection of spoon material
    * safe use of saws/axas
    * Safe use of knives
    * Safe use of various types and sizes of crook knives
    * Good spoon design


    * Produce your own carved wooden spoon to take home with you.

Skills for the baskets day:

    * preparation of materials
    * correct tool use
    * Basketry vocabulary
    * creating a frame and ribs
    * Basic weaving techniques including- slyping, pairing and join, Trimming/finishing a basket


    * Produce your own basket to take home with you.

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