Cherry Wood is working with the South Gloucestershire Council Wild4Life Project to run woodland skills programmes with children and young people supported by the Breakthrough Mentoring Project.  The programme aims to support emotional well being and social and emotional skills development as well as the opportunity to learn about ecology, conservation and practical skills in the woodlands of Cherry Wood.

‘The woodland environment and skilled staff at Cherry Wood are providing our young people with inspirational new experiences and a rich context for learning and development.  In addition to learning about ecology and mastering practical wood craft skills, it has been incredibly powerful to witness young people’s self concept of who they are and how they are, transformed through this experience. At Cherry Wood I observe young people ‘settle into’ themselves and through this experience become more able to step forward into learning and life with fresh perspective, greater confidence, resilience and positivity.  This is an invaluable opportunity for young people to be inspired and resourced with the emotional tools, positive self concept and commitment to engage with learning, life, themselves and each other in positive new ways.  With our thanks and appreciation.’


Rowena Kenny, Wild4Life Project Officer, South Gloucestershire Council www.southglos.gov.uk/wild4life


Quotes below from the young people involved:

- I would love to stay here

- This is amazing.  I’ve never been anywhere like this before

I loved rolling down the hill, making fire and pizzas

- I’d love to live here for the rest of my life

 –  It’s funner than school.  It feels safe here

 – I felt scared at first and feel fine now.  It’s more funner than school and this could help us to survive

-          I liked climbing up the hill even though it was a gynormous struggle!

-          I feel calm and chilled out – good to be in open space away from bricks and noise

-          I love it.  I want to live here


Watch the video here ---http://youtu.be/WIq7v6S88Jg

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