Coppicing is a woodland management system dating back some 6000 years in this country. It is the cropping of native brad leaf trees in a rotation on an annual basis, the time between cutting varies depending on species and the product.

Here at Cherry Wood we at in our seventh year of restoration predominantly for Hazel from which we will take our first crop in year 8. The idea of coppicing is to use all of the product and grow it to a size where it can be cut by hand using a Bill Hook and carried out on a persons back. Standards (larger trees) are left in the coppice as a longer term timber crop.

In restoring an area to coppice rotation we clear all softwood trees and thin the hardwood. We plank the trunks for building timber, use the roundwood branches for charcoal making and the brash for making a dead hedge to keep dear off the new shoots.

In the later pictures of this gallery you can see our 7 year old Hazel which will be used to make, hurdles, thatching spares, walking sticks, been poles, pea stick etc.

You can join us for a coppicing course or learn by volunteering on September project week which will always include some coppice work.

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