Stools, Side Chairs, Armchairs & a Table


From a simple stool to a two seater settee with many shapes and styles in between, all of these wonderful seats have been crafted in the woods. The have been made by people with no experience but with the desire to craft something with their own hands.

The process is very natural, cleaving and shaping Ash, felled in the woods, into legs and spindles without any electricity in a wonderful setting. You can do this by joining the next appropriate course.

A stool takes a 2 day, weekend, course, a side chair takes the 7 day course and for the more ambitious, a 9 day course will see you complete an arm chair or even a rocker - if you push yourself a little!

There are two families of stools and chairs. Frame chairs are made from light components with a woven seat (often Elm Bark) with the back rest being of a variety of designs such as ladder or spindle back. The alternative is a solid seat with mortice and tenoned legs, known as slab and stick and including Windsor, Bow back and Comb back styles. Size shape and height can vary with parts either turned on the pole lathe or shaped using a draw knife and shave horse

You will see from some of the pictures that you can design your own style of chair without reference to any formal style. These are often referred to as free form or hedgerow chairs, why not let your imagination flow and make your own statement.

Please Note:- On the 7 & 9 day courses you don't have to make a chair and you don't have to spend the whole time on the course, you may wish to come for a few days and make a coffee table.

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