At Cherry wood we have a wide range of non-permanent structures ranging from a Geodesic dome green house, to a tree house compost toilet. Our 6x5 meter Round pole workshop along with the 6 meter round house is where our courses are undertaken whilst the tented kitchen is where we eat and socialise.

The apprentice has an insulated yurt which is suitable for all year accommodation whilst the summer cook has a single skin yurt.

Tim Debs, Tay, and Willow live in luxury in a triple yurt complex with Solar power and water and wood fuel heating.

The winter workshop is a substantial round frame timber barn whilst the sauna is based on the frame of an old horse box which can be towed to the lake.

The most wonderful Log cabins were built with the help of many volunteers and are available for accommodation whilst you enjoy one of our many courses.

All of these structures have been built using timber from the site most of which is removed as part of the coppice restoration programme and is milled on site. This keeps our carbon footprint small. We have helped others build similar structures off-site with great results.

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