Ash Splint Baskets


Next course;- 27-29 April 2018 for 2 or 3 days

Course Timing Explanation
The basket weaving portion of the course is 2 days and takes place on Saturday/Sunday, which can be booked as a stand alone activity. For this choice you you will be supplied with material at an additional expense. £40

The process of harvesting ash splints is crucial to continuing the craft, very few people know the technique and finding someone who sells splints is very rare. Those who wish to develop their skill in material preparation can spend Friday learning this technique. The material produced on this optional day Friday will be used for weaving on the Saturday/Sunday and there will be no extra materials charge for these students.

There will be a short demonstration on the Saturday morning but there will be insufficient time to gain any material before the weaving class starts.

Introducing the Tutor

Kirby is a fine woodsman and craftsman who has developed an exceptional skill in Ash splint Basket Weaving which has developed to such an extent he is able to pass on his knowledge on this course.

Some of you will remember Kirby as the Cherry Wood apprentice in 2012 who has since spent a year managing a local woodland and now manages woods on an estate in Kent where he also has his craft workshop in a barn.

Kirby also offers 1-2-1 tuition and group courses at other locations:- 07582 883093 or email on:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A fruit basket with hoop handle


Ash Splint Basket Making

This course is designed to equip you with the basic skills necessary for you to continue developing your craft at home.
It will be a hands-on approach from the start with theory, advice and guidance introduced in small bites throughout the course.


    * Material Selection
    * Material Preparation
    * Project planning and dimensions
    * Weaving
    * Joining in fresh lengths
    * Handle Making
    * Handle fitting and binding edges


The basket that you will make is based on a classic design, known as a 'square to round' basket such as the one below made buy one of Kirby's last students. You will learn to manipulate the shape of the basket as it develops, a crucial skill in ash splint work.


The course costs £225 or £295 for 3 days -  which includes:-

2 or 3 days tuition starting at 10 on Friday and 9  Saturday and Sunday.

All materials (unless the two day option is taken and therefore an additional materials cost  of £40 will be charged)

Free Camping on site with hot shower. (Log cabin available £20 per night)

2/3 fabulous vegetarian lunches, communal meal on Friday evening, home made pizza party on Saturday night, a help yourself breakfast, tea's, coffee's and cake.

Any luxuries like booze or chocolate you will need to bring yourself perhaps to share!

Basket with leather lid


 Handle Detail






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